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Reviews for Hawthorne at Traditions

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Posted On: 10/10/2016

Amazing customer service and good amenities

Not only has the management (savannah) been quick to reply to any questions or requests we have but all staff have been very personable and friendly. Maintenance always quick to fix issues, courteous and kind. Everyone goes above and beyond! We enjoy the amenities on the property but look forward to the larger gym, second pool, second dog park and hopefully more free park/green space for kids to kick a ball around and such. We enjoy having the grills and tvs for having friends over for a swim. We weren't able to get the tvs working and the grills were being maintenanced it appeared,but we figured those out enough to grill some burgers. We enjoy the friendliness of the staff, neighbors and overall VERY quiet/respectful complex. A++ on the salt water pools! We always appreciate fewer harsh chemicals in our surroundings. :-) we really enjoy the hot chocolate bar with treats as well! I can't see us wanting to move elsewhere. Most dog/breed (siberian husky) friendly location in BCS! THANK YOU!
By: Jennifer Brush     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/27/2016

Fantastic Place to Live!

Qualities of Excellence: 1) Location: If you are a Medical Student, Veterinarian Student, Nursing Student, or work/study at the TAMHSC Health Science Center (HSC) or the Texas A&M Veterinarian College/Hospital, then stop searching for another apartment complex – this is the one for you! Nearly every day in the fall I spent 10 minutes biking to my medical school classes at the HSC; moreover, it takes me only two minutes to arrive there by car if I am late to class. The Hawthorne is also located on the A&M campus bus route, so I could (and did) take the bus to the Texas A&M main campus. In terms of location, there is no other apartment complex better situated for campus access. In addition to a fast commute, the Hawthorne is located within a five-minute drive of North Gate (the bar district of College Station) and less than 2-minute drive to the airport. 2) Setting: I wanted to separate ease of travel from the landscape of Hawthorne. The apartment complex is located in Bryan, Texas on the Biocorridor (a beautiful stretch of road with a mixture of drug development companies, health retreats/hotels, and private fitness clubs framed against Texas Grasslands). While the area has recently experienced heavy development, it is still not unusual to see a host of wildlife both within and outside the gates of Hawthorne including packs of coyotes, foxes, rabbits, frogs, raccoons, beautiful birds of every color, and even deer. During certain times of the year you can sit out by the Hawthorne grill and witness fireflies light up the night sky – truly something I will always remember! In addition to the wildlife, the Hawthorne connects to Traditions Golf Course – a private golfing club with beautiful grounds I regularly walked around at night on with my Golden Retriever. 3) Dog Friendly: I have never been in a more welcoming environment for Dogs!
By: Zac Friske   
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Posted On: 5/23/2016

Internet Options

I have thoroughly enjoyed living at Hawthorne and have always received great service from staff, maintenance, etc. However, I am highly disappointed in the only option we have for internet at Hawthorne, World Cinema. It is very unreliable and goes out on a near daily basis, requiring me to restart the modem and start over on necessary assignments for school. Please consider having other options for service. It's unacceptable on their part to overcharge us for internet in the first place then provide us with subpar service.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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  • Hawthorne at Traditions
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